It’s not a trend, it’s a revival.

UMEÅ, 2010: A guy from Chicago (ok, Arlington Heights actually) wrote and defended his thesis and then invited everyone at the examination out for birthday beers. A guy from a farm near Järna, Sweden (Hölö to be exact) was scoping out his opponent during the other guy’s thesis defense and then went to the bar. One guy ordered an ESB, one guy ordered an IPA. They started chatting and the rest is history…

Fast forward three years, and it’s still not that simpöl. Our approach to beer is deeply rooted in the United States Midwestern brewing scene, with a strong love for all beers Belgian. During our days as home brewing buddies we realized that there was so much to brewing. We missed the social aspect of randomly meeting random people in a public social setting. While brewing we had a ”Svemerican” environment that nurtured dialogue and creativity. Brewing beer was a passion for us that pushed us to actively seek out our own curiosity of other people’s passions and other subcultures. We picked up bits of creativity, curious discussion, and passion from the world around us to inspire us. Then, no matter how serious or silly those ideas may be we somehow brew, ferment and bottle them for your pleasure.

We brew our beers on a 3 barröl system with untreated water from the well on the farm. We love our yeast and we love the role that yeast plays in our beer and how they react a differently when put into a different environment just like many of us. We aim to have our little buddies as happy of a population as possible and yet love to experiment with them. (that sounds super evil if you continue the comparison). All our beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and naturally bottle conditioned.

Brewing KÖLTUR is more than a brewery and the beers we make. It’s about meeting new people and building community. Since 2013, we have been ambassadors for the craft beer scene in Sweden. Although our approach may be unique, we take great joy in doing what we love and getting our beer to more and more people in Sweden. We focus on locally produced, high quality beers that taste great, and have fun doing that. We strive to develop a unique brewing culture that represents Sweden’s history, present, and future.

Thanks and cheers! Tack och skål!!

P. and Daniel