Our beers



old skool

farmhouse pilsner 3,5% abv

style: old skool is a folköl brewed with pilsner- and münich malt , czech and german hops and german ale yeast.

goes with: anything, especially on a hot summer day!

Sunshine Lollipops

fools gold

hoppy pils 3,5% abv

style: All that glimmers isn’t gold. Or is it? with fools gold we wanted to show what a gentle dry hop can to do with a pilsner. enjoy!

goes with:again, with anything, especially on a hot summer day!



Nu Skool

Whenever Pils 4,5% abv

style: Nu Skool is our ”new world” take on an ”old world” pale ale. Brewed with a crisp Kölsch-style yeast, this beer has a firm pilsner malt base with hops from the UK. A new kind of ”stor stark” if you will.

goes with: Whenever with practically anything.


Sunshine Lollipops

session ipa 4,5% abv

style: Sunshine & Lollipops. Combine them in a bottle. We made this fruity pale ale to go with any season, but still remind us of the vitamin D-stricken sensation of summer. For the love of beer!

goes with: Unicorns. Puppies. Vacations. Wednesdays. You’ll figure it out.


that’s what she said

american amber ale 5,6% abv

style: twss is an american amber ale deriving it’s deep red color from generous amounts of caramel malt. brewed with polaris, centennial and citra, this beer combines the best of two continents.

goes with: it’s the replacement you’ve been looking for to that glass of red wine.


no name evölution ipa

american ipa 6,8% abv

style: we let our ipa change slightly throughout the year to match the flavors in season, hence the name evölution. slightly piney in winter and citrusy in summer, with a little bit of creative freedom in between.

goes with: perfect before, during and after that burger you love, or why not on its own?

Bonobo IPA


american west coast ipa 6,2% abv

style: in these days of hazy ipa’s we really started missing the the good ol’ ipa’s of yesteryear. this is our tribute to the pioneers of west coast ipa’s!

goes with: perfect before, during and after that burger you love, or why not on its own?



parlez vous francais?

farmhouse ale (saison) 4,5% abv

style: brewed with pilsner malt and raw barley (from our neigbor, helleby farm) giving it terroir with grassy notes. the ”farmhouse” style resembles french/belgian saison which is a mild, refreshing beer historically brewed at the pleasure of farm workers.

goes with: especially with seafood, but great on its own!


hold the buns

fika stout

style: this our interpretation of an american stout with rich coffee notes from both the barley it’s been brewed with, and the coffee that we’ve steeped in the beer. the coffee is locally sourced from järna kafferosteri.

goes with: on it’s own or with dessert, but don’t serve it too cold!